Friday, May 28, 2010

At home in death...

The shadow of life, a parallel, a mere world, forever untouchable.

We but slip between realities, perceptions. I am not as stable as I seem.

Tomorrow not coming is an event for which we must always prepare, however consciously we do. A misstep or a sudden seizing up of once functioning organs could bring a close of the grand curtain.

I intend on lingering long after the physical form is dust. Let my shade hang about, a loiterer in forbidden lands. I'd be the cold in the dim room, the smell of old life that wanders past for a moment, or the blur in the occasional photo.

Die? Not soon I hope, though I've got my plans.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ponds and their mystery...

A curious thing, a pond. The most curious are those which seem to come from nowhere but are there all the same. They can lead to enchantment, or they can lead to doom. Are they doors, or are they windows?

I'm writing a story now based on tales told to me by my grandparents about ponds. One pond in particular that does not actually exist except for within my imagining mind. It's horrific what happens in regard to this pond, but I'm not certain if it's a horror of lurking bestial ferocity or a horror of dreadful bewitchment. In deciding this I am able to dispense with boundaries and have some real fun. Where will that pond lead?

In writing this I'm having a bear of a time trying to stretch the variables of my current vocabulary. In my attempt to find synonyms for pond and water I've discovered quite a challenge. How to vary my words so as not to annoy the mindful reader with monotony and ghastly repetition. How, indeed.

I shall post what I can, when I can. As for the finished product, I am hoping to use this as one of my attempts at selling a finished writing piece. Here's hoping. Perhaps one day I'll be able to write full time and commit myself to your entertainment, dear reader. Perhaps.

Until I make it as a professional, if ever, I will gladly update you with my current progress.

Until next time, may the days be kind.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doctor Who, from childhood to present...

My Uncle Adam has been an incredible influence on my life. Through him I've been introduced to masterful music from centuries past, brilliant, sophisticated British comedy, titanic films, enchanting novels, and the best of classic Science-Fiction.

The one item he injected into my life, from my very early childhood when my sister and I would spend our days at our grandparent's house, he a teenager, myself around three or four, and my sister a year or two younger, was the sensational series Doctor Who. I have so many fond memories of all those quirky, heroic British men running around in their unique garb, besting the terrors of the universe. The sound of the TARDIS materializing is almost as old for me as the sound of my mother's voice, no exaggeration there. Together we'd watch William Hartnell, the old gentleman renegade from Gallifrey, and granddaughter Susan, Patrick Troughton with his entertaining, slightly mad take on the great Timelord, John Pertwee with his action packed, mostly Earthbound, Doctor, the unforgettable Tom Baker with flowing scarf and beaming grin, Peter Davison with celery and cricket clothes, Colin Baker and his loud outfit, and even Sylvester McCoy with the adorable Ace, and their much too zany adventures. In the first few years of my life I was privileged enough to see what most British folk saw over the span of twenty odd years.

Then we come to the present. As soon as talk arose of the new series, in the early, early years of the 21st Century, I had found something related to Doctor Who to thrill over again, though with great caution until I could sample the first story and see what's become of the old man and his box. This was a natural hesitancy due to the bastard of a job Fox did with Paul McGann's unfortunate, though for the character himself, entertaining Doctor. When it finally did air I scrabbled to see it which I did after a few months, though not being in Britain this was a considerable feat. Christopher Eccleston wasn't bad, but the feel of the show was different. Here was a Doctor that had lost a bit of his early joy, being much more rough, after losing his people to an age old enemy, the Daleks. His look was strikingly different compared to the actors before him, and his behavior took a while to grow on me. I kept up with the series seeing what there was for the future, if the show had one. Eccleston bowed out early, taking with him another slot in the Doctor's thirteen regeneration cycles. This caused some panic because the show was just starting up again and here we've lost another Doctor. Then came David Tennant. In his tenure on the series David Tennant managed to not only capture the character, and pay fantastic homage to the previous actors, but to also take the universe of Doctor Who to new heights. I've not seen an actor pull in as much new interest in a series as Tennant did in his time. As amazing as his Doctor was to watch, with his wit, classy attire, and chemistry with the peoples he encountered, it was that hard to watch him go, but sadly he did.

Now we're in the midst of the Fifth Series, our Doctor now is the remarkable Matt Smith, decked in tweed coat and bow tie, and the series charges on. Smith's Doctor has not only made up for the mournful departure of David Tennant, but has taken the show in yet another incredible direction, making the role of spectator even more exciting. So now, every Saturday night, my wife and I gratefully continue to watch the ever magnificent adventures of the great Doctor Who.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The X-Files, a show close to heart...

Weird is a word I would use to describe a great many things which also happen to be things I hold great affinity towards. Any movies, shows, books, periodicals, etc. that cover the weird or utilize it for entertaining story telling, are the ones I enjoy the most. Nothing has been more a pleasure to follow, for me at least, as the X-Files.

The X-Files was (boy do I hate referring to it in the past tense) a show that inspired me, entertained me, and fueled my imagination like a fusion generator might a city. The creatures featured, the stories told, and the memorable characters drove this one home and kept it deliciously rich up till the end. With the exception of Doctor Who, this show has been the greatest science-fiction show in history.

Not only did I geek out on the show, I followed it into other media such as gaming, another close to heart pursuit. The X-Files Collectible Card Game, from the US Playing Card Company, was, next to Magic the Gathering, one of the card games I collected the most and played as much as possible. It was brilliant and short lived, unfortunately.

All in all, it's things like the X-Files that get me revved up for discussion and imagining. I could go on for hours about the show and all it meant to me, but I think that this little post will suffice. Although, if you're ever looking to discuss X-Files you now know who to find.

Terry Gilliam's "The Fisher King"

While perusing the items available for instant browse on my Netflix queue, I noticed this film of which I have heard little but some. I had no idea of the subject matter going in, nor did I have any expectations. After watching it I can say that this, along with "Tideland," has shown that Terry Gilliam, while constantly dabbling in the surreal, has a handle on stories that are uncomfortable, yet human.

It dealt with a man who had no direction in life, yet had a "Pissed at the world" kind of attitude. Through his ramblings on the talk radio show he hosted, he inspired a listener to murder. This act not only shocked the character out of his apathetic, wasteful life but propelled him down a self-destructive, suicidal path. It was in a moment of suicidal contemplation that he met Perry, a homeless man, very dramatic, caught up in a self-preserving fantasy after having watched his wife's murder. Unfortunately for the main character, Jack, this was the murder spurred by his on air rant. His listener deprived Perry of his wife and, in doing so, his sanity. Continuing on after their initial meeting, the movie follows Jack as he seeks redemption by helping Perry with his apparent needs and wants. A good ending, in spite of the sometimes horrific happenings and despair, was had.

I'm still processing this one. Writing about it now is helping, though the time and my fatigue both restrict me from further analyzing the film and its effect on me. I'm impressed, as always, with Terry Gilliam as a film maker, and I'm finding new ways to appreciate Robin Williams and Jeff Daniels. I'd recommend it, with the caution that you will more than likely find yourself becoming severely uncomfortable at times.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The gods, our lessons, our purpose...

I've asked myself many questions lately in regard to origin and purpose. From whence did we come and to where shall we be destined?

I don't know if there are any gods, or god, but there seems to be a current of wonder out there on the edge of sight where reality is too distant to perceive or confirm. I believe there is more to existence than this, however foolish or wasteful of time that may seem. I do wonder if there are dragons beyond the edge of the known and if the faeries do inhabit the bottom of the garden. That twinkle of enchantment makes the dew glimmer more so and the days seem wondrously filled with the potential of mystical revelation. If these things exist though, if reality isn't all that is perceived but what is also past that perception, what are we to this supernormal?

Am I a scion? Is that too grand of a delusion? Is it not fun to imagine ourselves winged and soaring through the heavens rather than confined to the prisons of our mortal boundaries? I will revel in the dreams that give me more and bask in the light of the otherworldly.

I have hope, and truly that is powerful in itself.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The other place for the words I have...

My third blog. I find this more useful than posting incessantly on some social networking site to people who aren't worth talking to and could give a damn.

This one is created with the purpose of just writing. No artwork, gaming, or anything like that. This is a place to dump my thoughts, opinions, and general commentary on life.

Simple enough. Please, read on.