Saturday, May 8, 2010

The gods, our lessons, our purpose...

I've asked myself many questions lately in regard to origin and purpose. From whence did we come and to where shall we be destined?

I don't know if there are any gods, or god, but there seems to be a current of wonder out there on the edge of sight where reality is too distant to perceive or confirm. I believe there is more to existence than this, however foolish or wasteful of time that may seem. I do wonder if there are dragons beyond the edge of the known and if the faeries do inhabit the bottom of the garden. That twinkle of enchantment makes the dew glimmer more so and the days seem wondrously filled with the potential of mystical revelation. If these things exist though, if reality isn't all that is perceived but what is also past that perception, what are we to this supernormal?

Am I a scion? Is that too grand of a delusion? Is it not fun to imagine ourselves winged and soaring through the heavens rather than confined to the prisons of our mortal boundaries? I will revel in the dreams that give me more and bask in the light of the otherworldly.

I have hope, and truly that is powerful in itself.

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