Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ponds and their mystery...

A curious thing, a pond. The most curious are those which seem to come from nowhere but are there all the same. They can lead to enchantment, or they can lead to doom. Are they doors, or are they windows?

I'm writing a story now based on tales told to me by my grandparents about ponds. One pond in particular that does not actually exist except for within my imagining mind. It's horrific what happens in regard to this pond, but I'm not certain if it's a horror of lurking bestial ferocity or a horror of dreadful bewitchment. In deciding this I am able to dispense with boundaries and have some real fun. Where will that pond lead?

In writing this I'm having a bear of a time trying to stretch the variables of my current vocabulary. In my attempt to find synonyms for pond and water I've discovered quite a challenge. How to vary my words so as not to annoy the mindful reader with monotony and ghastly repetition. How, indeed.

I shall post what I can, when I can. As for the finished product, I am hoping to use this as one of my attempts at selling a finished writing piece. Here's hoping. Perhaps one day I'll be able to write full time and commit myself to your entertainment, dear reader. Perhaps.

Until I make it as a professional, if ever, I will gladly update you with my current progress.

Until next time, may the days be kind.

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