Sunday, July 10, 2011

FF (Future Foundation) #1 & #2 - A Review

Lately I've been avoiding new comics. When stopping in at my local comic book shop (Apparitions Comics or Argos Books) I usually dive right into the back issue boxes and try to dig up old goodies. There's just not much that impresses me on the new shelf.

I will occasionally break this habit and peruse the new releases, only rarely picking something up. Recently I've grabbed IDW's awesome Rocketeer Adventures and surprisingly even Marvel's FF. It is the later that has prompted this little review.

Whenever a staple character dies, and this happens a lot in comics, I kind of get pissed off, even if I don't read that character's book. Steve Rogers was the last character death that actually got to me. I just really enjoy the character of Captain America. They, of course, brought him back (also common in comics). That's fine. Though when Johnny Storm recently got himself deceased an irritation boiled up in the back of my mind. Apparently, unlike Steve Rogers, Johnny's death was gruesome and seemed to be VERY final. This tragedy drew me in.

Due to my passing curiousity and feelings toward the death of the Human Torch I, as I previously mentioned, picked up the first two issues of FF (post-Johnny Fantastic Four, retitled Future Foundation). It's surprises me now after reading them how much I want to continue with this title. We have a new world in this series where the look of the old family has changed, enemies are becoming strange allies of a sort, and friendlies are being added to the team. So far the series feels like it's about a super science version of Xavier's School with a little Spidey wit tossed in for comic relief (Spider-Man being invited in per Johnny's final request). There are great character moments tossed in that give you an idea of how the original FF members are viewing their changing lives. That's really what stood out for me in my reading of the issues.

It's still very early and I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say that if you enjoy old Fantastic Four and the idea of a team of super brains solving superhero problems, check it out. I give it, so far, a 4 out of 5.

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