Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey, World....Some Ideas I Have for You!

If only mankind would take at least the next 50 years to convert all jobs, industries, and efforts to restoring nature, increasing dwindling wildlife populations, and combating the carbon output of the last century. That way we'd all have jobs, our planet would heal, and our future would be secure.

Instead here we are worrying about the next best cellphone/social network/media all-in-one hybrid to hit the market or some airhead bitch with a baby's nickname who may or may not be an incredibly active whore. We spend our time adding waste. Our oceans, basically something so vast and powerful we thought we'd never be able to put a dent in it, are suffering as various sea life populations take a severe drop. If that's not a sign that we're in a downward spiral I don't know what is.

Then there are so many aimless college kids out there who are just pursuing dead ends because they come from a generation that believes in the illusion of security no matter what. We should be leading these kids, teaching them the right directions and perspectives. We should be teaching them about perspective period. These kids with bullshit aspirations and no actual drive could do so much working jobs that would help our world. Why is this group being lied to and led to a great big dead end? They're an undisciplined, much-neglected resource.

Also, the bully majority is controlled by a group of religious (meaning they're less likely to function with reason than they are to make shit up and go with that instead), upper class baby boomers. These are people who feel that they'll never be under threat of extinction or destruction because they've held their status and control for so long. They think that it doesn't matter that we damn today because that imaginary humanoid from above will just come back and make it all better in an eventual tomorrow.

Basically these people prove that they should be utterly destroyed without mercy. They're a cancer. They should be treated with the same disregard they show our world, our species, and the other species we share this world with.

With all that in mind I'll just say that mankind is incredibly stupid. I can't be alone in thinking these things. Why aren't people like me being heard? Perhaps if I re-read this post I'll have answered my own question. Damn it!

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