Sunday, July 10, 2011

Silver Surfer: Limited Series #1 (Pak, Segovia, Olazaba, and Quintana) - A Review

When I was but a young boy my uncle took me to a local comic book shop near my great grandmother's home in West Palm Beach, FL. It was there that I was allowed to pick out my first superhero comic book, after having been raised on Disney comics, ALF, and whatever Sunday strips my grandma would pass my way. My final decision came down to a choice between either an issue of Superman: The Man of Steel or Silver Surfer. I went with Superman because I'd already seen the Max Fleischer cartoons and wanted more. I never quite got over neglecting my friend Norrin Radd though.

Skip to this last Sunday at a local comic book shop where I discovered Marvel's new limited series featuring the beloved Silver Sufer. This cosmic marvel has always fascinated me. If I could go back to that day in Florida long ago I think I would have ditched the mulleted boy scout and gone with the Herald of Galactus instead (no hair, no mullet, no problem). This is the second limited Surfer series I've started reading, the last dealing with a crack in his cosmic skin or something (I'd have to dig it out and reread it). I wonder why Marvel can't commit to a new ongoing series? Sales numbers are the real decision makers, I guess.

Anyway, I finished reading my new issue this afternoon, issue #1. It starts off at the end of some story line I've neglected to read I'm sure, where the Surfer brings his master, the mighty world-eater Galactus, the energy of a sun shortening it's life by a billion years. He's troubled by this, and through his inner monologue we read of his thoughts and regrets. That's something about the board-riding powerhouse I've always appreciated. He never does something without being mindful of the consequences.

As the issue progresses, and as he waits for the severly weakened Galactus to recover, the Surfer decides to visit Earth. He ends up in a region of Mexico where he sees two lovers brutally attacked by some high-powered combat team. He interferes and yadda, yadda. You want more detail? Read the issue. The last page is what got me. It's what will, I'm sure, get you. It's why I'll be rushing back for the next four issues to find out the answer to my panicked question, "What the HELL?!"

This issue, considering the artwork and story, will be given a cosmic 4 out of 5. Check it out!

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