Saturday, July 23, 2011

Species and Gender

When you refer to man are you referring to the species or the gender? Which of these is truly of the greater importance?
Surely the value of the species and the consideration of its importance mean more than something flimsy such as the socially constructed concept of gender. Granted there are biological differences, but why must society brand folk for the result of their development?

This is not to say that the biological properties of gender are meaningless. Without the biological components that define gender how would we procreate and maintain the species? Even though this is the case, should we allow our biological make up alone to dictate our existence?

Surely we live in a time of fools where the species of man is so busy sectioning its imagined domains, imposing the pointless values of an obsolete ideal, that it fails to see the importance of the greater truth beyond. That truth might perhaps show that regardless of design we are who we are and may act as we please. Therein lies the true value to the species. Freedom of and for the species in all things.

Some thoughts for an
early, hazy Saturday morning.

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