Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Intimidating education and a week flying by

Well, I'm now at the beginning of yet another year of college. Let's see, I've been in college off and on since the Fall of 2003 and I've only earned an Associate's Degree. I feel like the bottom of the failure pile, much like a garbage pile, where all the juicy essence of failure pools. I'm steeping in a pool of suck, swelling whilst I absorb so much hideous mediocrity.

Anyway, while I combat the semester and take in the joy of reading text from Old English up into Early Modern English I continue to trim and edit the story I so recently completed. So far my attempts to get opinions of the story have resulted in phone calls without return from my grandparents, useless suggestions from non-writers who I suppose feel that they are helping by telling me how they'd tell the story, and a wife who seems to be the only one impressed. Let's hope after a week or two more of working on it I can send it off and get a real editor to give a look-see.

Oh, well. I sigh as I type for sighing is the only way I feel relief throughout the day. Till next time!

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