Sunday, August 28, 2011

A story over 4,200 words....

I am proud to confess that I have just today completed a draft of a new short story. I'm ashamed to admit thought that it is my first story greater than four thousand words. I hope that this won't be the last.

My process now that I have completed the thing will consist of a draft or two more through the editing process and then it will be off to a selection of magazines potentially willing to publish such material. My excitement is great at this prospect and my hope is that if I can find success, perhaps gain purchase on the mountainside of publishing then I can hopefully make a life writing. I can think of nothing greater to do with the rest of my time.

The story itself is a sort of macabre fantasy bordering the horrific. It deals with a writer's hope, the willingness to commit oneself to the unknown for a chance at something great, and what might lie beyond humanity's understanding of existence. I'm afraid that in the writing of this story I spent too much time absorbing the works of H.P. Lovecraft for my own good. I suppose I'll leave that for the reader to decide. Another influence, though one I'm less hesitant to credit, was the Danse Macabre of Charles Camille Saint-Saƫns. That piece easily, as I suppose it should, brought up visions of the dealings of the dead.

Here's to hope and a possible future as a writer. Wish me luck!

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