Thursday, August 11, 2011

There's a city in there!

I've had reoccurring dreams of a sort that are only such because of their setting. What happens while I'm dreaming differs from night to night, but all of the action and interaction within the world of my subconscious seems to take place within a massive city. I have feared, somewhat irrationally, that if I began to talk about my experiences and the details of this metropolis of the subconscious I might lose my nightly connection. Based on what I've witnessed there and experienced, if only through my imagination, I couldn't let that happen.

So, I shall step away from probing my dream city and instead I shall write a bit about an idea it lent me for a story. This is a tale that will take some telling and may, if I be constant and confident, become my first manuscript for a novel. If I could bring this potential novel into being and prove to myself and those who have supported me that I can indeed finish a work I would then like to dedicate my life to the telling of stories and the writing of pieces of various types.

Now to step away from this Blog and actually start piecing together my maybe novel.

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