Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zine...the product of my nerdy life

Science-fiction, fantasy, and horror have all had a tremendous impact on my life. From my early youth up till now I've delighted in the escape and dream-enriching content they provide. I've spent time writing about space and monsters, drawing creatures and warriors, and planning films which would feature a smashing combination of all of the above. I love these genres with all my heart.

I've spent quite some time honing my skills in illustration and writing, and I've had the fortune of meeting some incredibly talented individuals who share many of my interests. Considering all of this and my feelings for my favourite genres I've decided to go against the weak advice of a pseudo-savy comic book guy and declare my intent to publish a zine. My first attempt at self-publishing resulted in a comic book that should have been called a zine. I chose to go with the former description after the poor advice given by previously mentioned comic book guy. Now that I have a focus, some experience, and a great stable of talented friendlies I'm going to make a go of it for really reals!

The zine I'm planning will feature artwork from many talented fellow fans of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy in both single illustration and comic form. It will also feature fiction and non-fiction which will tell tales from and give critiques of the above listed genres. As of now there is not a title for this project, but I'm working out the themes and details as I go along.

To be perfectly honest, while this is a typical fanboy project I find that I can in no better way honour those things which I so greatly love. Self-publishing is as fantastic as it is powerful. I hope that the efforts put forth by all involved will combine to show the love held for the genres I've mentioned and also inform and entertain our readers. Hopefully you'll be amongst that group of folks who will page through our collection of the best we talented few can possibly offer in tribute to our beloved fantasy, science-fiction, and horror.

Stay tuned, friends. There's some quality stuff coming your way!

-J. Sample, humbly signing off!

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