Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kevin Smith - A Star to Sail By

Sometimes random words trickle in through one's ears, seemingly common and unassuming like all others until a moment of contact occurs and the brain is lit with a potent combination of emotion and inspiration. Those words, the words you didn't seek out, the words which strike you the hardest, those are the words to which you find yourself committing. They are the eye opening trinkets of speech, jewels of wisdom you sport proudly in your life ever after.

I encountered words like those once. Writer, director, and artist Kevin Smith uttered them. He once said, "Stop being entertained and be entertaining." It was like some magnificent herald's cry or a grand commandment delivered from on high. His words shook me out of a stupor which had me dog paddling in place amidst the turbulent sea of life. They gave me the clarity to asses my situation, the motivation to choose a direction, and the drive to keep going until I discovered something. They have set me on a journey to test my creative abilities and my will to make something of myself by being creatively active.

Kevin Smith, whether he's aware of it or not, has been directing others toward the path to creative fulfillment for years by imparting the lessons he's learned from his successes and failures. He's been preaching the positive word of "Go ye therefore and do" to creative types since he first found success. Through his actions, his work, and his reflections (available through his discussions and explanations on the various podcasts of his SModCo network) he has given those who will listen and hear the guidance and proper mentality with which to approach the great task of becoming entertaining. It is this great service which he generously performs which often goes neglected by his outspoken, myopic critics. It is this great service for which I am eternally grateful.

Maybe one day I'll be able to tell Mr. Smith what he's done for me, face-to-face, or maybe he'll find this post and read of the effect he's had and of my appreciation for the guidance he's given. Even if this is never read by Mr. Smith I still want to post this as an expression of my thanks to him for everything. May I one day find success through my creative efforts because of the spark Kevin Smith ignited within me. May I have the wisdom to share my experiences with others and do my part to direct folks toward the path to their own personal greatness. Here's hoping.

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