Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shifting Interests, Like Sandy Foundations

I have this problem. I have encountered others who experience a similar issue in their lives, but they seem fortunate enough to have not had to deal with as severe a case as I. It revolves around my interests.

I enjoy a great many things. The range of my interests spans across the mediums of literature, film, sequential storytelling, and several others. Where I find that many are capable of applying their attention to several of their interests at once, I on the other hand can only feel an attraction to one at a time. I can't recall a period where I held an equal devotion to two distinct interests simultaneously. This grieves me terribly.

Every once in a while, for there hasn't been a seasonal or calendarial pattern to any of this, I will become wholly obsessed with, for example, a television series or a certain genre of literature. The moment that obsession takes hold I neglect all else, feeling for all of my other interests a supreme apathy which exists at no other time. If I'm reading Robert E. Howard I'm cold to the desire to read a superhero comic book. When I'm working on and reading comics I find that I can't be bothered with gaming. It's maddening how this works within me, and I sit inside myself taking notice and feeling the increasing pressure of frustration and genuine confusion at my self-made system.

Am I alone in this? What are the best ways to break free from this wretched habit? I hope I figure it out one day.

If you're reading this and you experience a similar issue in your life please post your response to the comments section of this post.

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