Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Hospital and My Poor Wife

Early in the week my wife, truly the brightest aspect of my jumble of a life, complained about a slight discomfort surrounding the sudden development of a cyst. Being the type of individual who loathes the aftershock of visits to the doctor (and rightly so, as you're soon to read), she refused to let me take her to our local med center for an examination. Unfortunately her stubbornness led to strife and, in regard to her discomfort, it led to extreme escalation.

I'm writing this during a quick stop home to shower. We've been in the hospital since she was first admitted late Thursday night after the intensity of her pain and the apparent spread of infection broke her. It's been a long day and a half in a place of healing which feels more like some Cenobites' bordello, and it seems to get worse with every hour. The infection she's had through most of the week is intense, and unfortunately it was exacerbated by an unexpected, life-changing disease. We learned yesterday, after so many tests and even more hours, that she is a diabetic.

Life changes all the time, but sometimes those changes are so intense and personal that you can't help but feel constantly reminded of all the negativity which led to them. We're going to have to make serious changes so that this sort of disaster never occurs again. We're going to have to alter our lifestyles so that my wife can live comfortably and so that we're never again forced to deal with all of the stress and hell which comes with staying in a hospital.

If only I could see a break in the clouds. Then I'd feel better about the rest of the day and tomorrow. Looks like it's overcast indefinitely, though. Just my luck.

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