Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Geek Culture...Now Belongs To EVERYONE?!

It's now becoming quite popular and unfortunately common for fad geeks/nerds/dorks/etc to start brutally insulting and discrediting geeks/nerds/dorks/etc who've had specific geeky interests long before geek became the new cool. Those of us who've been into something for years are now looked upon as entrenched, social misfits and roadblocks who apparently seek to do nothing but discourage people who now CONVENIENTLY find what we've enjoyed for ages to be cool. We're getting in the way of the people who build their lives around fitting in with majority and those who need society to direct their interests. Shame on us?

Really, this is nothing more than an unjust social eviction. What better way to justify a fad than to discredit those who've appreciated the subjects of the fad long before popular culture and its minions were able to fondle them? God dammit!

If you weren't watching Battlestar before it was remade, if you weren't watching Doctor Who before it was spiffed up, if you didn't play tabletop games and video games before WoW and other popular, modern video games made it cool to call yourself a "gamer," if you didn't read comics before the San Diego Comic Con became THE PLACE TO BE and the Big Bang Theory hit television, or if you didn't do a number of things considered geeky and shameful before they became worthy of t-shirt printings and MTV's attention then you might be a fad geek.

You might be a person who found something they didn't know existed and are now sold on it because you actually found it to be enjoyable. Good for you. I hope you continue to enjoy it and broaden your horizons. Continue to keep an open mind and you'll go far in life. If you obsess over it and follow its every development then...well, I think you're one of know...geeks. If you're someone who's into the above or other geeky things because it's the media equivalent of this year's popular pair of designer pants then you can go fuck yourself.

I'm off now to sulk over my ineffective telescope. It may not be great but at least I know I didn't rush out to buy it because it was the "in-thing." I don't have to live with the knowledge that a great part of me is a culture-hungry hollow and that I'll do any shameful things to be considered "in." Those that suffer with that...well, you poor bastards.

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