Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm a Fantasy-Phile and Forever Geek Boy

Here comes another confession from the geek who has shown no shame in knowing volumes of useless but exceptionally colorful knowledge. I'm writing on a high to tell my readers, any and all, that I love the Fantasy genre and feel that it is vital to the human spirit. Read on, won't you please?

I don't want to get all New Age-y or even touch on religious-like rants but I hope to here just quickly proclaim my love for the fair fiction which powerfully represents every facet of the magic of the dreaming human mind. Only in our dreams, I feel, are we truly beautiful. The conscious human mind is so whipped by the systems in which we are forced to wallow in order to survive that it can hardly be said to be anything but practical and perhaps as appealing as a series of interworking gears. It's the kinetics behind those gears, though, the hum and go of the whole thing that begins to hint at something greater. Fantasy comes from this and the layers deeper, and, I believe, it is what sustains the humanity of our human selves.

Whether it's an unrealistic story of a protagonist dealing with something that could never possibly happen or an epic quest meant for the most powerful of archetypes, I love all Fantasy. It can be said to be escapist, sure, I can understand that. It might be criticised as base and shallow. There's no justifying that, though. To fantasize in anyway taps into some level of a greater thing from which we daily function, though in a haze of some ignorance. To write, read, or create fantasy is to tool at the universe, at one's own existence, with the ancient, centuries-developed soul of our humanity. It's both beautiful, mystical, and, perhaps, even a little frightening. It's somewhat overwhelming to think of it in these terms.

Regardless, I love to dive into the worlds forged by others and absorb the beauty of their personal creator. I also love to stand at my own forge and craft a magic from my inner self, utilizing my energies as best I can. Dreaming, fantasizing, and hoping are all related and all so very precious, or should be, to each and every human being. Whether it be the emaciated victim of horrid economics and unfortunate circumstance dreaming dreams of accessible bread, comfort, and security, or the dreams of the best-positioned individual sitting in their tower fancying away, it's all amazing. The true tragedy is that there are those who don't treasure this ability. For them I am forever sorrowful.

However you feel, I hope you dream well. I will be delighting in my fancies, hoping the best for you and yours. Pick up a book and escape. Sit down and tune into your highest, most wild dreams. Come back and read some more of my rants. I've tapped into my human heart and I hope to share it with you for many years to come. Hopefully this was somewhat coherent and spoke to you, dear reader, on some level. Take care.

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