Friday, June 1, 2012

Rants - The Posts That Finally Killed My Personal Facebook Usage

I left Facebook. Seriously. I actually did it. Once and for all. I was tired of being hateful of the whole thing (though I still have a major beef with the internet at large) and finding my hypocrisy through continued use. Here are some rants that led to this closing of the Book of Face. Enjoy...

Rant 1 (about Facebook and it's features): 

If I were to describe the majority of the internet with a single adjective that adjective would be "mediocre." (and that's being kind)
Facebook seems to be the perfect stage for distilled internet mediocrity, and it forces it on its users in the most obnoxious and overwhelming of ways. The "Like" feature and the "Share" feature are bullshit, and the only purposes they serve are to highlight and proliferate mediocrity. The blue, the white, and the sad...Facebook.

Then there are the folks, like myself, who have used or are using this site to promote projects. If you are actually out to gain support for something and someone tells you, "Hell, shucks, howdy, puts it on the Facebook-er!" you punch that cock knocker in the face and you hit the street preaching your project's gospel. Prove your belief and confidence in your own work by doing more than playing clickety-clack with the data-churning glow box. If you really believe in something you're doing then you can't just set up a digital presence (bear in mind that Facebook presence isn't actual online presence...not really) and sit back as the "Likes" trickle in. If you're sitting in a dark room, hovering over your Facebook Page, thinking that more Likes means greater success then you're kidding yourself.

These are observations I've made and opinions I've developed over the many unfortunate and wasted days, weeks, months, and years online and on Facebook. It helped that I was a Facebook Page-creator who felt a dependence for Facebook and felt verified by my "presence" on it while trying to raise support for my projects. What a supreme waste of time. No one who just clicks "Like" or "Share" is really doing a god damned thing for you. If you want to know who's actually willing to support you then call up your friends, post physical fliers in places where your projects would attract the most attention and THEN see who comes to show support and offer aid.

Fuck you, Facebook. I pity the fools who jack in to this bloated whore of a socnet seeking validation and support. What a waste of time and creative energy.

*Rant concluded*
Rant 2 (about internet celebrity and it's shallow, hollow reality):
I liken celebrities who've made their home on the internet playing "Look at me, I've got witty things to share" to the awkward kids at the school dance who aren't in the main part of the floor doing that "Freakin' dancing" but who are in a dark corner away from it all and executing a unique series of body movements that make them noticeable to the beat-followers of the student body (internet users) who are reduced to lusting after any and all catchy physical rhythm. Then, when the school dance is over (not that web-zombies would abandon the brain that is the internet), they are back to being the awkward folks who sit in the background, commenting on what's going on in the rest of the school (world) and are barely noticed while doing so, except by their followers (the few and the...proud?).

Basically the internet is that obnoxious school dance and the celebrities who thrive off of it and find their celebrity through it are as inconsequential as band geek #12 who one night found that grandma's two-step looks interesting when executed during "The Thong Song."
RANT TRULY CONCLUDED...later, dear readers! 

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