Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America, I'm Proud of Us

I wanted to write about my first trip to the polls. I wanted to comment on the feelings surrounding the experience of being an active citizen. I even, for a brief period of confusion and slight despair, thought that I'd have to post my anger and disappointment. That was until the later hours of Eastern Standard Time rolled around and an overwhelming relief followed.

Instead, my friends and fellow citizens, I'll just share one of the best acceptance speeches I've ever heard and encourage you to drink deep the spirit of hope which now surrounds us. The future is in front of us and we, in the tradition of those who brought us to this wondrous present, need to tap into our potentials and walk boldly forward. To the light we forward march and to its brilliance we do lend the flames of our individual magnificences. Towards a better tomorrow we now head.

Thank you, dear people. You make me proud.

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