Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another Thanksgiving

Why not take the opportunity to think about being thankful for a change? Ranting and complaining does become tiring. Now for the positive.

I'm incredibly thankful for my beautiful and loving wife. Without her I wouldn't be able to pursue my dreams, and even more important, my life would lack the joy which fuels my ability to dream.

I'm also thankful for the home I share with my wife. It's comfortable and suits us almost perfectly. We just need a few robots, maybe.

Beyond those two things I'm kind of lukewarm as far as feelings go. Oh, well.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans. Everyone else in the world, I hope you're having a terrific day. Feel free to take a few jabs at all the self-satisfied Americans.

Now for some imagery. I drew this quickly a few years ago. Enjoy.

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