Monday, January 28, 2013

Growth and Change

I want to grow. Granted, I'm growing a little every day, though I'm rarely aware. I guess I want to be able to detect my growth and know at the same time that it's meaningful. I want to feel the change and discover the newer parts of me.

I've let anger control my life for quite some time. It taints the perspectives I have on the people I'm acquainted with, even blowing small things out of proportion or preventing me from expressing just disappointment because I can't do so calmly and maturely. Not being able to let someone know that they're a problem without spewing fury at them diminishes my point and makes me appear to be nothing more than an idiotic brute.

I hope I can grow entirely out of my anger some day. More importantly, I hope that I'm aware of the moment when I am able to effortlessly deliver the words I wish without descending into a fury. I continue to hope for the change.


  1. Not to sound like Emperor Palpatine, but learn to harness your anger. It can be a good emotion if you use it in constructive ways.

  2. There's a reason why that line was written for such a villainous archetype. Nothing constructive can come from any venture tainted with the cancer of anger.