Friday, January 4, 2013

Officially a Twitter-ite...and it kind of stings

I have an issue with social networking. That's putting it likely, considering the lengths to which I've gone to publicly rave about what can only accurately be described as a seething hatred for people clicking away their lives, constantly typing pseudo-witticisms, and documenting their every action in grainy photography as if anyone in the world beyond their zones of habitual habitation cares. The entire culture has disgusted me and, presently, still makes me feel a bit squeamish.

Knowing this about myself I still chose to hop on Twitter this morning in a sudden, potentially foolish decision. I blame the creative people who drove me to look at Twitter feeds in the first place. Namely, folks like Patton Oswalt, Jenny Johnson, Frank Conniff, and Guy Endore-Kaiser. It is because of the painful series of laughs suffered through an hour or so of reading their Tweets this morning that I decided to join.

My goals, to follow funny, interesting people and maybe get the word out on what I'm up to creatively (assuming that someone will accidentally care at one point). I'm a sucker for spending a bit of time here and there reading up on folks I enjoy. That might be a tragically idiotic past time, but I'm obviously willing to give it a go regardless.

So, if you read this, feel free to follow me @JonathanJSample on Twitter. I'll still post here primarily, but you can find a strange scribble or two on the Tweety Box, as Craig Ferguson has put it. Speaking of which...oh, crap. I need to follow him. Be right back!

*Update: I'm no longer a member of Twitter. My tweet days ended about two days prior to this update. I just couldn't hack it, and I found most of the "Look at me being witty" posts to be, in themselves, more than a bit obnoxious. Basically, it's just as unlikeable as Facebook but for a few different reasons.

**Updated Update: I'm back on Twitter. Oh, I'm so weak! 

***The Twitter account is deactivated...again. 

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