Monday, January 14, 2013

Star Trek - My Trek Toy Collection

(*update* apologies for the "Stat Trek" title, yikes!)

I was raised on Star Trek, as well as many other science fiction film and television series. Those shows fueled my interest in space and science. Star Trek above all others made the great dome above us, that beautifully mysterious final frontier, a place to which we should all strive to ascend. It gave me dreams for the future and hopes for tomorrow. It continues to put a smile on my face and restore my hope for an endlessly promising future.

Yes, Star Trek was inspirational and influential, but my inner materialist used it as a way to make me succumb to the base fan drive to collect all the "cool stuff" which was mass-produced for the popular series. Below are my pictures of what's left of my glorious Star Trek collectibles. I'm sure my fellow Trek fans, if they read this, will think that this is a paltry gathering of random items. Regardless, it's all still quite special to me.

Shuttle Goddard and my Tricorder

Enterprises D and E with some Next Generation figures

The majority of my Star Trek collectibles
(Simon Pegg and Patrick Stewart, together at last)

Little Deep Space Nine and an even tinier Enterprise D

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  1. Awesome Enterprise starships you have there! I really want to collect the different starships they used for the different series. While it would also be nice to collect the figurines of the crew, I think I’m more attached to the starships, since I tend to collect car and plane models more than anything else. Although I wouldn’t say no to a few Patrick Stewart figures. :)

    Tucker Inman